Irish singer songwriter, Ray Heffernan, gave birth to a very special new project called Gigswig. A simple concept based on an army of singer-songwriters, bands and musicians all fighting the good fight, striving to carve out a living and dreaming of foreign stages.

Maybe somewhere in Gothenburg's city centre, or beside a mountain lake in Italy, or in upstate New York, there's someone just like you who dreams of giving your 'bread and butter' a try. So, why not eat together? What if we pooled our common resources and worked intra-depedently to create an international circuit of paying gigs for you, and thus, us? This is becoming a reality.

Both bands involved in the Gigswig project will gain the crucial experience of living as touring musicians in another Country and of playing to international audiences. It's a chance to play an international tour, to share and learn with peers, and to hone our craft on foreign stages.

Gigswig is supported by IMRO, the Irish Music Rights Organisation.