Rodolfo Montuoro's debut album A_Vision (Auditorium) was released in 2005.
The main feature of this album – in addition to the mixture of different music genres – is the use of traditional irish instruments such as whistles, ueillean pipes, violin, bouzouki, accordion and the participation of prestigious musicians.

The album has been positively welcomed by the public and the critics and was considered as an innovation in the italian indie music scene for its unsual music contaminations, its hermetic contents and the care for the arrangements.

In 2008, after A_Vision, Rodolfo Montuoro reintroduces in a rock style the atmospheres of his previous album and releases Hannibal.Mithologies (AiMusic, Egea), creating an innovative image of the unforgivable character by Thomas Harris and the cult movie by Jonathan Demme.

The series dedicated to mythologies begins with Hannibal and goes on with the release of two further ep: Orfeo (Believe Digital, 2009) and Lola (Believe Digital 2010).

At the end, Orfeo and Lola will merge, togheter with four unreleased song, in the album Nacht, released in 2010 by Incipit Recordings and distributed in retail stores by Egea Distribution.

There is a lot of attention and curiosity around the whole project due to its international approach and the pioneering and innovative use of the Web and social media.

Nacht is definetely an "hard to listen" and hermetic album and Rodolfo Montuoro is a very secretive and eccentric artist, but it was considered one of the best italian albums of 2010.