The last record of the band Cani della Biscia is called "Fai come faresti" and it's a funny fusion of tradition and modernity, ballroom music and pop-rock.

The band starts from local issues to tell universal tales.
In the album we can find references to the band's homeland (like in "Gazzola" and "Vai sulla diga") but the it addresses to a wider audience, talking about everyday life, simple and timeless stories.

In "Fai come faresti" there are some interesting hosts and featurings, like in the track "Piṛn al vendicatur" (entirely in dialect), written and sung by Manuel Bongiorni from Musica per Bambini.

Also, Matteo Bensi from Orchestra Italiana Bagutti sings and plays accordion in "Vai sulla diga"; string and plectrum instruments are played by Orchestra "Luigi Cremona".